4 Travel Experiences On High-altitude Should Not Be Missed

A true high-altitude holiday at Ba Na Hills, Golden Sky Tower, Fansipan Peak or Sun World Halong Park will bring you unique and new experiences.

With 4 tourist destinations below, visitors will have a memorable holiday with relatives and family exploring the novelty of the form of travel on the high, being loved in Vietnam.

Beer Festival for the first time on Ba Na Hills

Beer Festival on Ba Na hills

Besides the destinations that are familiar to many Vietnamese tourists. Every Vietnam's independence day holiday season. Da Nang city always attract thousands of visitors with interesting activities in two attractive attractions: Ba Na Hills and Asia Park.

These days always bustling on the top of Ba Na hills. Especially visitor will happy with the beer festival. Also visit some interesting place. Such as, vivid renders of space in the countryside in Europe. Du Dôme Square, French Village is decorated as a vast field ... bring the image of the West, to help Na Hills become more new during this holiday season.

Falling free from the height of 47 m at Asia Park

Golden Sky Tower at Asia Park

On the occasion of 2/9 holiday, "Park of the record" Asia Park officially launched new game Golden Sky Tower. The highest drop tower in Vietnam.

Being among one of the top thrilling games in the world. Golden Sky Tower will bring bursts of excitement, satisfying for those who love to feel strong as they slowly lift visitors up to 47 m. It's a great for panoramic view of the coastal city of Da Nang. Then plunged to the ground with a speed of nearly 70 km / h.

This is also the fifth game in the series of thrilling games to be put on service for visitors at Asia Park.

On the occasion of independence day. Asia Park organizes many unique activities, attracting visitors. Such as art show "night color festival" or award program rotation Lucky with many special gifts, impressive.

Enjoy the view of terrace rice field from Fansipan cable car

View Muong Hoa valley from the cable car

This September, on the experience of Fansipan cable car. You will be watching the scenery of Hoang Lien mountains along the romantic valley of Muong Hoa, gold ripe rice season.

In order to give visitors have more chance to experience the unique culture of ethnic people. On every September 2, Fansipan Legend held many folk dance shows with traditional dances of the people. The event is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy themselves with cultural space full of identity here.

Panoramic view of Halong Bay from above

 view of Halong from the cable car

More than 150 km from Hanoi, Sun World Halong Park in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh has become one of the top attractions in the North.

On the giant Queen's cable car cabin with a capacity of 230 people. You can admire the panorama of Ha Long Bay from above. The Sun Wheel will give you another insight into the sea city at night.

Tourists visiting Ha Long can visit the Statue of Wax Museum. This is the largest exhibition of wax in Vietnam, with 53 world famous faces such as President Obama, Putin President, Michael Jackson singer, Albert Einstein scientist, entrepreneur Steve Jobs...

Image sources: Internet