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Origin Travel Team - Sustainable with Environment

Home to one tenth of the world’s mammals, birds and fishes species, Vietnam has a unique and diverse environment. Scattered throughout the country are around 100 protected areas which encompass a huge variety of ecological systems that include coral reefs, islands, beaches and dunes, wetlands, mountains, forests of every description, limestone landscapes and caves, river deltas and lakes… You can help protect our environment by following those below;

  • Please say no to wild meat such as bear, munificent, bat, monkey and python, etc…
  • Please say no to products made from endangered plants or animals, such as elephant ivory, tortoise shell, and wild animal skins.
  • Please turn off your air conditioner, fans, lights and other electrical appliances when you leave your hotel or guesthouse.
  • When visiting coral reefs, please do not touch live coral, as this hinders growth.
  • Please leave no trash and practice the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Please leave no trace, keep to designated trails when out walking, for example avoid making unnecessary noise…

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