Why Origin Vietnam?

With our experiences in tourism for almost 20 years, we are the experts and consultants for Vietnam tourism. By our friendly and professional team, we will accompany with you for Vietnam holiday in the different ways and itineraries. Origin Vietnam – True Value - Real Experiences!

What is meaning in our Logo and Slogan?

Our logo

It is the shape of Vietnamese girl in traditional costume Ao Dai with a conical hat in hand. This symbol is for Original of Vietnamese culture and custom.

Slogan (True value – real experiences)

It is the real values and real experience when you are customers with us to discover our country and use the real services to touch the locals.

The TOP 10 Why travel with Origin Travel?

➊ Unique itinerary & Sustainable tourism

For people love to touch less touristic and remote villages, we offer you as unique. Our team always works hard to bring you special things and special places to reach corners of Vietnam cultures in diversity.

In addition, we take you off the beaten track and see real Vietnam. Different experiences are the combination of adventure, fun and relaxation, in diverse cultural and natural settings. Origin is not just a travel company in operating for profit. We care about the environment, enriches the local culture. And, most importantly, we work directly with the host communities assuring that tourism benefits to everyone.

➋ Local people and local guides

How to touch the real values at each region? Our local guide will show you its specialties. With many years experiences, our guides will take you to touch closer the nature, local life, homestay, etc to get the best experiences in real Vietnam in the safety and security.

➌ Our guides make your trip!

Our bi-lingual guides will create an unforgettable trip with their outstanding knowledge, sense of humor and great care to your flexibility. We believe that the guide is the key component in measuring the success of your tour.

➍ Best Price Guarantee

With more than 15 years operating tour and 10 years of company, we are confident to offer you the best price and the most worthy experience. We guarantee you the money worth for your trip with us.

➎ Local Travel Company

By the head office in Ha Noi Capital City, we will take care all you for Vietnam trip as well as Indochina. By the local travel company, we are proud of giving you the best price as original without passing any tour operator. You travel and touch with the direct services in each region because we know clearly what we are supplying you.

➏ Fast & Convenient Online Booking

When you book a tour through the Internet or directly with us, the method payments are very fast and convenient to you.

You can choose pay through Visa card if booking online. Our terms and conditions are easy in use with the best 3D security to guarantee your credit card information. We also guarantee no additional charge for bank fee when make payment by credit card.

➐ Exceptional team working hard for the true value and real experiences!

Recently, the whole Origin team made a decision to change the way we do things. From the travel consultants, to our guides, to the responsibilities of our IT guy. From the emails we send to our new friends, to our tour packages, to the way we treat our partners – whether they be the owner of one of the homestays, a general manager of a hotel, or a local tour guide. All of this, to ensure value for everyone involved.

➑ Plan your own tours and flexibility to make changes on trip!

We have wide ranges of travel products with joint tours, seat-in-coach, module tours, free & easy packages, short vacations and others in satisfaction of groups from 20 people to 1-2 guests. Each individual traveler or in the group would obtain our identical love and caring.

Your way! we tailor-make what you want, how you want and where you want, and especially when you travel on your private tour, that it’s our flexibility to change the programs to best suits you.

➒ Helpful!

As our slogan says: True value, real experiences. Deal or not deal, we are always happy to provide you news, updated information about Vietnam. Your choice of travelling to Vietnam is our honor and we as well as other Vietnamese, unconditionally would be glad to welcome you.

➓ Origin Vietnam Team make it different!

Striving to be a responsible travel company so what we do on our tours. We make every effort to minimize negative environmental, social and cultural impacts generate economic benefits for local people. Moreover, we enhance the well-being of host communities by improving working conditions and access to the industry. This involves the locals in decisions that affect their lives and life chances. Furthermore, it makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the maintenance of the world’s diversity. We provide you with more enjoyable experience through meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural and environmental issues.


What do I have to do on your tours?

Travelling responsibly means having more fun and putting a little bit back so just enjoy your time while being with us, our staff such as tour operators, guides, drivers, boat crew, etc have to commit on this philosophy, while making tourism.

Do I have to bring gifts and what are gift ideas if I wish to bring some with me?

No, you do not have to! but should you wish, this really depends on the places you plan to travel, these could be some things for the children in remote schools, orphanages, homestay….Our tour operator certainly show you this, something simple, light and easy to carry along, and would be nice if purchased in Vietnam, so your dollars can be good for local economy.

Do you have tips for responsible travelers?

Yes, we do! if you have deeper interest in responsible travel, Enjoy the memories!

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