Our Story

One night in 1999, on the way back to my hostel, I heard a voice behind a tree, it said “… Dad where are you ? Mum where are you? Everynight I sleep on an empty sidewalk…”, then I went closer and met a boy, looked at him with his dirty face, tattered clothes… but how can I help him? with almost empty hands, nothing in my pockets? I ran to a shop nearby and bought some bread for him. I knew that I can give him just a meal, I can not save him for long.

The image of the boy followed me whole time, so after 10 years studying and working I am going to make a difference that will help. I decided set up my own travel company and I hope more and more people come to Vietnam, and i hope to bring the world, the people, closer together.

I start working for travel company as a tour guide and tour operator, for many years, but with my work depends on the seasons, after paying off student loans I saved money to start my own business. My work experience in the field allowed me to travel extensively to isolated destinations in Vietnam, and study the roles tourism played there. One day with a lot of help from family and friends the company Origin Travel would be established (July 2009). It would be a company built on pride and real, in-depth local knowledge.

Company Name